How These Dogs React To Finding Cats Sleeping In Their Beds Will Leave You In Stitches

Share2 +1 TweetShares 2Cats love cozying up in small spaces. Cats can also

Dog breeder stuffs 8 newborn puppies into freezer to kill them

Share1 +1 TweetShares 1 An award winning Border Collie breeder stuffed eight newborn

Tiny Abandoned Puppy Trapped In A Dangerous Ditch Gets Rescued By A Fearless Cat

Share70 +1 TweetShares 70Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. The hero of



7 Small Dog Breeds With BIG Personalities

Share23 +1 TweetShares 23When most people think of boisterous, outdoorsy dogs, they think

Horrifying Video Shows ISIS Jihadists Strapping A Bomb Vest On A Scared Puppy

Share269 +1 TweetShares 269A distressing video has emerged where ISIS jihadists are strapping

Patient dogs deserve every bite

Share59 +1 TweetShares 59 Do you know anyone who has bad manners? Perhaps

George Michael to be remembered as a friend to dogs

Share242 +1 TweetShares 242Singer George Michael, one of the most recognizable stars of

Hacked By Unknown

Share34 +1 TweetShares 34Hacked By Not Matter who am i ~ i am

Baby Can’t Stop Laughing At Puppy Playing

Share +1 TweetShares 0Now this is a memorable family moment! Watch as baby Leighton has a laughing fit while watching Zayla, her puppy-sister, playing around with her favorite toy. Adorable!

Dog walks into store on Christmas day, steals a bone in hilarious

Share69 +1 TweetShares 69In December 2008, the following video surfaced on the Internet. On Christmas day, a dog entered a grocery store. Without hesitation, this dog headed towards the dog

Texas Lowe’s hires a veteran and his service dog

Share57 +1 TweetShares 57 ABILENE, TX – An Abilene home improvement store has two new employees: one with two legs, another with four. 12 News sister station KXVA was able

Watch a man box a kangaroo in order to rescue his dog

Share90 +1 TweetShares 90 If there’s one wild animal that you probably don’t want to get in a boxing match with, the kangaroo is probably near the top of the

Veteran loses his dogs after he has a heart attack, breaks down when he learns he’ll get them back

Share62 +1 TweetShares 62We always hear about the people doing awful things in the news – it seems like you can’t turn on the television without being berated by horrible

Inmates Who Trained Troubled Dogs Reunite With Pups They Saved

Share55 +11 TweetShares 56 A group of inmates who were part of a dog-training program have been reunited with their furry friends. Since 2012, the Clallam Bay Corrections Center in

Therapy Dog Takes A Different Toy To Bed Each Night

Share115 +1 TweetShares 115Every dog loves toys, but 3-year-old therapy dog Mojito’s love for them is something else. For 1,5 years now the pooch has been bringing toys with her

22 unique dog cross breeds you’ve never heard of before

Share85 +11 TweetShares 86Dogs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, arguably more than any other species in the world! For the last thousands of years, we’ve bred dogs

Mom’s Angry When Family Dog Barges Into Bathroom Shower, Then Sees Her Baby’s Lips Are Blue

Share83 +11 TweetShares 84 mindy and her husband were this close to giving their dog away to another family. Soon after they got Papillon, a two-year-old collie, he began destroying their

Puppy’s Lying Lifelessly When All Of A Sudden He Lifts His Head For The Vet

Share67 +11 TweetShares 68When Lou came into Vet Ranch, they thought he was dead. But the puppy on death’s doorstep suddenly lifts his head for the vet in what’s the

Rescue Dog Helps Feed 30 Stray Cats On Her Daily Walks

Share68 +11 TweetShares 69Fay and Dionisis, a young couple from Athens, Greece, walk their rescue dog, Meli, three times per day. And on those walks they feed 30 stray cats.

Blind Pitbull Abandoned On Park Bench After Giving Birth Finally Gets The Love She Deserves

Share172 +11 TweetShares 173Abandoning pets is never cool, but abandoning a blind dog who’s sick and scared out of her wits is an especially inconceivable act. Unfortunately, that’s what happened

A Little Hero Dog Died, Then 2 Marines Grab His Tiny Casket And Bring Him Home

Share110 +11 TweetShares 111 Anyone who knows someone in the Marines will easily agree that they’re some of the most incredible people on Earth. Not only are these men and

This Dog Has His Own Tiny Bedroom Under The Stairs ‘Harry Potter’-Style

Share54 +11 TweetShares 55It’s nice to have some personal space, even if you’re a dog. Dog owner Betty McCall must have had this in mind when she decided that her 4-year-old

Dangerous Dogs Behind “Beware of the Dog” Signs

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After They Found A Stray Dog With A Huge Head They Took A Closer Look. But What They Found? OMG (Video)

Share170 +11 TweetShares 171meet Nancy – the puppy that was a victim of animal cruelty unimaginable. Her neck was tied with a string so tight it created a nasty neck

Depressed Shelter Dog Enjoys A Day Out On The Town And Now He Can’t Stop Smiling

Share75 +11 TweetShares 76In mid-July, Elmo the Pit bull was discovered abandoned in a yard with another dog. They think a neighbor noticed the dogs and alerted Animal Control to

Dad Grieves Over Missing Dog. 2 Years Later, A Stranger Says He’s Right Behind His Garage Door

Share69 +11 TweetShares 70n 2012, Julio and his brother Sam brought Duke, an eight-week-old Great Dane puppy, home to Oklahoma City. Julio and Duke became best friends. On Christmas Eve of

Puppy gives cheetah cub a new chance at life

Share70 +11 TweetShares 71 Earlier this month, Columbus Zoo in the USA announced the arrival of an unlikely new pair of animals: a ten-week-old cheetah cub named Emmett and his best

Investigation launched for pet owners who tossed their dog off Sunset Cliffs – Pet Rescue Report

Share306 +11 TweetShares 307 Investigation launched for pet owners who tossed their dog off Sunset Cliffs The San Diego County Animal Services have launched a search for the owners of